Review No. 1 – fitnessblender

So for my first review! Please note that all views and opinions are my own and I am not in any paid partnership.
I think most of us know that physical activity/exercise is good for us. The issue is more getting it done and into our regular routine. There is ever growing evidence for physical activity being beneficial in terms of both physical and mental health. Current government guidelines for 19 to 64-year olds are at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity AND strength exercises on at least 2 days per week – for more information and guidelines for other age groups see – .
There are many, many excuses possible for not fitting this in, not having the time, not having the money to pay for the gym, not enjoying the latest exercise craze. None of these should stop you from being physically active.
Today I’m going to review a website which I think is great! It’s called and is run by a personal trainer couple in the US. They provide a vast array of fitness routine videos, tailored programmes and even some recipes. There’s also an online community where you can save your favourite workouts and contribute to comment sections if you wish. What’s great in my opinion is that these workouts are delivered in a way that’s not intimidating at all! There is no shouting or yelling as a form of ‘encouragement’, a technique that never really worked for me! The programmes and workouts are accessible for every level of fitness, from a complete beginner to those more advanced, with routines from 5 minutes of stretching to 100 minutes of HIT and strength training. They even guide you through the workouts, providing lower impact modification in many of their routines if this is needed or preferred. With the vast majority of workouts they provide an accompanying written workout structure which helps you choose which workout to do and let you know what you’re getting yourself in for!
The website is extremely user friendly – with over 500 free workouts, you can filter a workout search according to difficulty level, equipment you have (plenty of workouts with no equipment), duration of workout, area of the body you want to focus on and type of training.
Workouts range from short workouts you can do at your desk (so really no excuses not to get some movement into your day!) to longer, more intense routines.
Programmes are the paid portion of the website. These provide a workout plan with different routines each day, often with meal guides to go alongside. Once you’ve bought a programme it’s yours to complete as many times as you like. Some focus on an area of the body, like their ‘abs’ programme, others on training style, like their ‘strong’ package which is mostly strength training.
I feel this is a great platform for engaging someone with exercise. If the gym’s not for you and you want the privacy, ease and lack of subscription fee of working out at home, of if you haven’t workout out what style of training you enjoy yet – I thoroughly recommend it.
Bonus – for every million YouTube subscribers they do an epic 1000 calorie workout!
Personally, I’ve been working out with them for 8 years.
My view is that it’s what you enjoy and what works for you will keep doing and therefore ultimately be most beneficial to you, and this works for me.

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