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My Favourite Yoga YouTube Channels

It’s really important you find a yoga teacher that resonates with you and you enjoy their classes. This is true for in person classes or at home online.

When I was getting into yoga I tried many a YouTube channel before I found one I clicked with. Since then I’ve been finding more and more great content online.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite platforms. I can’t promise you each will resonate with you, but I hope there’s a style of teaching in the mix for everyone.

I know I haven’t included some of the more well-known platforms. This is saying nothing against the quality of their content, it’s purely a reflection of what style of teaching I personally enjoy the most.

My favourite yoga YouTube channels:

Cat Meffan

Cat meffan_2.png

What can I say her flows just feel so good! The calming voice she directs you through the postures with also really help me feel peaceful in my practice. I also love how unassuming she is, saying to modify poses according to your abilities. This I feel is such a great atmosphere for new yogis out there who can feel overwhelmed when videos are full of advanced poses with no modifications.

She has posted two ‘Yoganuary’ series, each with 31 days of great yoga sessions each around 30 minutes long and varying from vinyasa flows, power yoga and more restorative practices. Sometimes her waggy dog Simba joins in the practice!

She has started a membership platform which is £15 per month. I haven’t tried this yet so can’t comment on it, but there looks a lot on offer. She has posted a video on YouTube explaining this, under the heading ‘HUGE YOGA ANNOUNCEMENT’. This means that content on the free YouTube channel isn’t quite as frequent as previously and she’s keeping the flows on YouTube to about half an hour.

To be honest at the moment I feel there’s so much free content on her YouTube platform there’s more than enough full flows to enjoy. It’s also a great place to start if you’re more of a beginner level, as her paid membership is aimed more an intermediate/advanced level.

Her grounding meditation video is also one of my favourites guided meditations out there, she has a few more meditation videos out there too.

Non-yoga related content includes travel vlogs and active wear reviews along with more personal vlogs.

Shona Vertue

Shona Vertue_2.png

The bad ass/great ass lady! I found Shona through her higher intensity workouts having bought her book ‘The Vertue Method’ and doing those workouts with her on YouTube. She also has some great yoga workout videos too, along with meditation. I’m always amazed at how her up beat persona can change to a calming voice for pre-sleep meditation!

She has a variety of workouts, with routines to target specific body parts or for certain situations e.g. in the office, when you’re sick or have period pain, pre-flight yoga to name a few. She also has a few mobility workouts.

There area few great tutorials for those wanting to check their form on some common poses, such as chaturanga, upward dog and triangle pose.

Hers was the first wrist workout I tried and man I needed it! With inherently weak wrists and a lot of Vinyasa this workout was a god-send!

Non-yoga content includes some HIT style workouts and a couple of recipes.

Yoga by Candace


I have to be honest and say the type of videos I’ve explored most on the Yoga by Candace channel are the guided meditations. I used these when getting into meditation and are a great starting point for anyone thinking about meditating. She has plenty of sub-10 minute meditations which doesn’t seem too daunting when starting off.

I find her shorter workshop style ‘how to’ videos directing you through tips to nail poses with correct and safe form are great, she really helped me with the nuance of crow pose.

She has a wide range of short and gentle practices, such as those you can do on the soft, or in bed pre/post sleep.

There is a lot of non-yoga content on this channel which if I’m honest I haven’t checked out. A quick look through the page suggests content ranges from strength/weight lifting workouts, travel vlogs and ‘beauty files’ which look like make-up tutorial vlogs.

Yoga with Tim

Yoga with Tim_2.png

A key feature of Tim Senesi’s channel are progressive 30-day challenges where he builds up poses you can work towards, such as crow, forearm balances and handstands. He offers quite a lot of alignment/form tips in the middle of flows. Some people love this, some people find it can interrupt their practice. For me if I’m honest it depends what mood I’m in.

In terms of props, it’s handy to have blocks available as he uses these a lot.

Whilst some videos he is talking you through the postures whilst practising alongside you, he also often has other yogis doing the sequence with him guiding them though it. This links into the adjustment point as he is on hand to point out good form. Again, it is something some people enjoy, and others prefer to have the teacher moving with them.

One thing to note, when Tim has a core video, you core will definitely feel it!

The content is all yoga related, pretty much all yoga practices for you to enjoy.

Alo yoga

Alo yoga_2.png

Alo yoga is a  YouTube channel with its home based in California. There are multiple yoga teachers each with their own style. Videos range from series along a theme, such as mindful movement, to independent stand -lone sessions. There are long flows and shorter workshop style videos based on a specific pose or technique. Videos range from those for the ultimate beginner to the advanced. As there is a lot of variety in teaching styles you might not resonate with everyone, I suggest trying a few and finding who you enjoy practising with.

My favourite teacher on this channel is Caley Alyssa, who also has her own YouTube Channel with yoga and meditation videos.

Alo Yoga has an app which you have to pay for membership for (there is a free trial), so if you’re interested in using apps for yoga you could check out their page and see if you like what they produce before committing to a monthly membership fee.

Content is primarily yoga focused. Videos which aren’t a full yoga sequence often are related to charity work the company does, such as Alo Gives, their non-profit which aims to bring yoga and movement to children.


So, there you have it, those are my favourites. With so many YouTube channels offering yoga these days it can be hard to know where to start! Whether you are new to yoga or looking for some inspiration from your go-to channels I hope these mini reviews have helped. Let me know how you get on if you try any of these channels.

Emma x

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