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BSLM #1change & Muse Meditation

Last year the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) @britsoclm launched their #1change campaign. This drive was created with the recognition that a large proportion of illnesses we see today are lifestyle related and that we must support each other in change.  #1change aims to help raise awareness that all of us can make a… Continue reading BSLM #1change & Muse Meditation

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I’ve just started a new module in my Public health masters and I’m finding it really interesting. It’s called ‘Leadership, Management and creating change in Public health. It’s run by the business school so very different from what I’ve done previously but I’m learning so much and excited to continue. A topic I knew about… Continue reading SMART Goals

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Call to Courage – quotes that inspired me

I recently watched Brené Brown’s new documentary on Netflix, Call to Courage. I’m a real fan of her work and this was a fantastic mix of stories to make you both laugh and think with some very poignant take home messages. I’m going to discuss some of my favourite quotes from this talk, which I… Continue reading Call to Courage – quotes that inspired me

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Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based approach to carrying out discussions around change. It is designed to encourage patients/clients to talk themselves into making a change. A key principle of motivational interviewing is that it accepts that ambivalence about change is a normal human experience. Techniques used in motivational interviewing stem from the notion that people… Continue reading Motivational Interviewing