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Tips for staying happy whilst online dating

Online dating is becoming more and more common, with it now being the second most common way to meet a partner, behind meeting through mutual friends. Having true friendships and relationships is becoming ever more recognised as being vital for a happy, healthy life. Navigating this online world, however, can be daunting and unfamiliar for… Continue reading Tips for staying happy whilst online dating

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My Favourite Health & Wellness Apps

There are so many Apps out there at the moment. I thought I'd share some of my favourites that I have come across or use myself. There's a range here in the hope that I can inspire a wide variety of people on different stages of their health journeys. Calm Mindfulness can have such a… Continue reading My Favourite Health & Wellness Apps

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Blue Zones

The concept of Blue Zones has been around for almost 15 years. Still, when mentioning it to colleagues this week, many seemed not to know about their existence. So, what are Blue Zones? Dan Buettner defined Blue Zones as ‘hotspots of human health and vitality’. National Geographic have found 5 areas with the highest life… Continue reading Blue Zones

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Hierarchy of epidemiological evidence

There’s so much ‘evidence’ out there. I’ve made this pyramid to help you when searching and reading about a new topic to gauge how reliable the conclusions you are drawing from a paper are, and which studies provide the strongest evidence. A paper will usually (and should!) say in the abstract or early on in… Continue reading Hierarchy of epidemiological evidence