Let’s talk podcasts! I really enjoy podcasts, I listen to them everyday! I find they’re inspiring and educational and such a great platform for spreading knowledge and awareness.

What I love is how easy they are to listen to and you can feel so productive and inspired whilst doing pretty much anything! I have been known to dance whilst cooking in my kitchen and now I do that along to a podcast!! But they’re also great to listen to whilst in a bubble bath (try not to get your electronics wet 🙈), going for a walk or on your daily commute.

Some series every single episode hits the spot, but others have their ups and downs. Whilst you might see a trend in the people I listen to I’m going to start sharing episodes I’ve really enjoyed in the hope more people can find them and be inspired too!

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live more with Dr Lipman ‘How To Be Well’
Page 3: Dr Rupy Aujla’s The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast with Dr Anita Bean ‘Eat Colourful’
Page 4: Talking Tastebuds with The Happy Pear: The Recipe for Happiness
Page 5: Deliciously Ella with Holly Tucker ‘Building resilience’
Page 6: BJSM with Dr Sandro Demaio: Time to get real about childhood obesity (Episode #347)
Page 7: The Lifestyle News Hound (TLNH) with Shona Vertue
Page 8: Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More with Amelia Freer on What we Need to Eat
Page 9: Life After The Letters: Doctors Have Anxiety Too (S1E5)
Page 10: Talking Taste Buds with Jada Sezer: Diversity and Body Positivity
Page 11: Deliciously Ella: Cultivating Happiness and Living With a Glass Half Full, with the Happy Pear
Page 12: For Fit Sake: Physical Activity and Mental Health with Daniel Twomey (Episode #27)
Page 13: Fit & Fearless: The science of exercise
Page 14: Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More: The Truth About Plastic:Why We Should All Care with McCallum
Page 15: Don’t Salt My Game With Laura Thomas – Bigorexia – Dudes Get Body Image Hang-Ups Too! with Scott Griffiths.
Page 16: Food For Thought with Rhiannon Lambert and guest Ella Mills
Page 17: Life After The Letters with Dr Seema Yasmin
Page 18: Russel Brand Under The Skin: Can we Have More Connected Sex? (Episode #27)
Page 19: PonderMed: Simon Flemming, Orthopod and Anti-Bullying Campaigner
Page 20: Oprah’s SuperSoul conversations with Michelle Obama: Becoming
Page 21: Happydoc podcast: It’s time to Become a Quitter with Dr Lynn Marie Morski (Episode #101)
Page 22: The Doctor’s Kitchen: Exercise & Activity with Dr John Skyes
Page 23: Food For Thought with Rhiannon Lambert and guest Zanna van Dijk
Page 24: Found My Fitness with Rhonda Patrick and guest Satchin Panda on the practical implementation of time restricted eating.
Page 25: Fit & Fearless: The Dancing Boxer
Page 26: The Real Health Podcast: The healthy meals & snacks you need with Roz Purcell & Indy Power
Page 27: The Irish Balance: Exercise – Building Strength for a Healthy Life
Page 28: Nike Trained: Dr Matthew – The Secret to Improving Your Metabolism, Reaction Time and Longevity
Page 29: Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More – Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression with Johann Hari (Part 1) (Episode #51)
Page 30: The Food Medic Podcast: Season 2, Episode 9 – Sustainable Food
Page 31: Dr Rupy Aujla’s The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: Eat for Your Heart – with Dr Ayan Panja
Page 32: Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More – Re-defining Happiness with Professor Paul Dolan (Episode #54)
Page 33: Ben Coomber Radio – Can obesity be healthy with Emma Storey-Gorden (Episode #357)
Page 34: Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More – Becoming Stress Proof with Dr Mithu Storoni (Episode #65)
Page 35: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – Dr Brene Brown: The Anatomy of Trust
Page 36: Ben Coomber Radio – Research Media Spinning: How bad is it? (Episode #412)
Page 37: Eat Sleep Work Repeat – Adam Kay: This is going to Hurt
Page 38: Deliciously Ella: The Podcast – Loss, Grief, Gratitude and Presence (S3 E1)
Page 39: The Irish Balance Podcast Episode 21: Debunking Diet Myths with Maeve Hanan (Part 2)
Page 40: The Irish Balance Podcast Episode 22: The Blue Zones – Adding Life to Your Years, and Years to Your Life.
Page 41: Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More – Time and how to spend it with James Wallman (Episode #64).
Page 42: Bryony Gordon’s Mad World with Prince Harry
Page 43: Trained – Julie Ertz: Why adversity can be your best friend.
Page 44: Holistic Health Radio with Sarah Liz King and Guest Dr John Sykes (Episode #11).
Page 45: Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More – The secret to a long and happy life (Episode #67).
Page 46: Trained with guest Shona Halson: How Recovery Can Push You Forward in Unexpected Ways.
Page 47: Cut Through Nutrition – ‘Food is Medicine’; benign statement or harmful rhetoric?
Page 48: It’s Complicated – Johann Hari on Lost Connections
Page 49: Deliciously Ella – Sobriety, Insecurity & Transforming Your Life
Page 50: Food for Thought with Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert – Fertility Takes Two to Tango
Page 51: Fitness Unfiltered – Episode 37: Sophie Medlin on Obesity, Weight Stigma & Cancer
Page 52: The Food Medic Podcast by Dr Hazel Wallace – ‘Is Butter A Carb’? (S3 E6)
Page 53: Sigma Nutrition – Episode 271: Prof. John Hawley – Circadian Metabolomics & Time Restricted Feeding
Page 54: The Head First Podcast – Dieting & Mental Health with Isa Robinson
Page 55: 2 GPs in a Pod – Dr Zoe Williams – Physical Activity Champion and TV Doc
Page 56: The Food Medic Podcast by Dr Hazel Wallace – ‘How to get pregnant with Dr Larisa Corda’ (S3E9)
Page 57: Sigma Nutrition – Episode 294: Nicola Guess, PhD, RD – Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition
Page 58: Outrage and Optimism: The Power of Outrage and Optimism with David Attenborough (Episode 1)
Page 59: The BMJ Podcast: Climate change will make universal health coverage precarious
Page 60: The Emma Guns Show – Live Episode with Elizabeth Hurley returns with Dr Zoe Williams and Lauren Mahon
Page 61: RCGP Active Practice Charter – episodes 35 + 36
Page 62: Dr Rupy Aujla’s The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: The language of Kindness with Christie Watson
Page 63: The Mother of All Movement Podcast: Pelvic Health Physio “why you should invest in your pelvic health” with Clare Bourne
Page 64: Junior Doctor Stress Awareness – a couple of podcasts