Deliciously Ella: Cultivating Happiness and Living With a Glass Half Full, with the Happy Pear


I listened to this podcast on the way to work yesterday and it put me in such a great mood. Deliciously Ella and The Happy Pear talk all things happiness.
Some of my favourite parts of the podcast are:
 😊 Where they acknowledge that happiness isn’t something that presents itself to you, you need to actively create your own happiness. Going out and seeking happiness is the surest way to gain it.
😊 Discussing how it’s the people you surround yourself with who bring you the greatest happiness. This is something I truly and passionately believe in.
😊 Having a sense of purpose being key to happiness. This reiterates concepts of the Blue Zones and ikigai, I agree, and think a sense of purpose can bring so many rewards. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a career, it can be from your personal life too if this is where you feel your purpose lies.
 😊 I also enjoyed the Happy Pear’s tips for happiness, which in addition to the above, include appreciation, movement, community and a good night’s sleep.
🎧 I highly recommend a listen and would be surprised if it didn’t put you in a very happy mood 😁.
Emma x