For Fit Sake: Physical Activity and Mental Health with Daniel Twomey (Episode #27)


This week I enjoyed listening to this episode of For Fit Sake’s podcast with Daniel Twomey about physical activity and mental health.
My highlights:
🗨️Comparison is negative – if you are going to compare yourself to anyone else, compare yourself to your past self, just to see how far you’ve come. And if you want to compare yourself to somebody else, compare yourself to the best version of yourself you could possibly be, and that’s going to motivate you.
 🗨️Health is health – there shouldn’t be any separation from physical and mental wellbeing and the importance of making conversations surrounding them as normal as possible so people struggling can feel comfortable talking about any issues openly.
 🗨️I thought Daniel’s concept of personal training for both the mind and body was fantastic. He provides a space for open conversation. I think this is great as some might find going to a personal trainer an easier step than going to a therapist or mental health service.
🗨️Asking for health is not an indication of weakness, it is a sign of strength.