Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More: The Truth About Plastic:Why We Should All Care with McCallum


This week the podcast I’ve chosen discusses a slightly different topic than usual but one that I think is such an important issue, plastic reduction.
It’s from @drchatterjee ‘s discussion with campaigner and Head of Oceans at @greenpeace, Will McCallum.
You might think this isn’t about human health, but the health of the planet and our health are intricately linked.
This podcast discusses the shocking and saddening statistics of how single use plastic is devastating our planet. For example, by 2050 it is predicted that the amount of plastic in the ocean will be greater than that of fish!! Plastic ingestion is lethal to many sealife creatures.
If you are more concerned about your own heath directly, whilst at this time there is limited research into how plastics making their way into the food chain effect human health, there is emerging evidence it can impact us in a wide variety of ways, including fertility.
Easy tips to kick start your reduction of single use plastics are: ✔️Keep-cups for your coffee (or actually have a drink-in!) ✔️Canvas shopping bags ✔️Reusable water bottles ✔️Say no to straws
These are easy changes to make and can quickly become habit. I urge you to start making these changes today and help us to stop using our planet which is our home, and the home of so much wildlife, as a rubbish bin 🗑️. Take a listen 🎧.