Don’t Salt My Game With Laura Thomas – Bigorexia – Dudes Get Body Image Hang-Ups Too! with Scott Griffiths.


Guys are awesome and they come in all shapes and sizes.
I thought this could be my nod to ‘Movember’ as unfortunately I can’t grow a moustache in support!
All too often I feel there’s an unequal focus on women when raising awareness of body image issues.
Men are allowed to feel vulnerable too and deserve as much support as women.
This is a great episode of Don’t Salt My Game @laurathomasphd with guest Scott Griffiths where they discuss ‘Bigorexia’ or muscle dysmorphia, which disproportionately affects men over women. It’s a fascinating conversation ranging from how social constructs affect male body image to the similarities in risk factors for muscle dysmorphia and anorexia. It also touches on possible approaches to someone you’re concerned about.
I am so pleased to have this episode as my podcast of the week, because support for men’s mental health should not be just for Movember, but always