Food For Thought with Rhiannon Lambert and guest Ella Mills


I was in such a good mood after listening to this podcast, which says a lot given I was listening in my car stuck in traffic on the way to work!
Rhiannon Lambert and Ella Mills talk about many things, including how Ella’s relationship with food has changed over the years and the journey of starting her own successful business.
I loved the part where Ella acknowledges how everyone has their strengths and we should celebrate this regardless of their gender. I’m all for female empowerment but I do get a little saddened by how men are often demonised. I personally think they’re amazing. I love how Ella was passionate about her strengths running the creative side of their business whilst seeing that Matt (her husband) could offer more on the financial side.
I honestly feel acknowledging your weaknesses doesn’t make you less of a person, if anything it makes you stronger because you can put your efforts into what makes you shine.
I was sad to hear that Ella had received criticism for running the business with her husband and not going alone purely to have a female run business. I personally feel this doesn’t deter from anyone’s strengths or hard work in any way.
Men being awesome doesn’t mean women are not and vice versa, we all have our own strengths and these should be celebrated, regardless of gender.