Life After The Letters with Dr Seema Yasmin

This week’s podcast is After The Letters talking with Dr  Seema Yasmin.
 🎙️This podcast is inspiration for medics and non-medics alike.
🎙️It was amazing to hear about such a non-traditional medical career but one that sounds so rewarding and successful.
🎙️It reminded me to realise how amazing we all are and to go for want you want to create your dream job, even if you have a voice in your head to take what’s been offered. That courage can have such rewards – a professor role in Stanford university for Dr Seema Yasmin for example.
🎙️It was so inspiring for me as someone who hasn’t followed the laid out career path (going part time to do a masters degree so far), that it is possible to get to where you want and you don’t need to follow the herd, you can follow your passions instead. Yes it might not be the easiest option but it’s often the most fulfilling and rewarding.
Take home message:
🎙️Make your own path and find what you love (and kick ass along the way)!
🎙️You don’t need to stick to the linear path presented to you if it doesn’t suit you.