Russel Brand Under The Skin: Can we Have More Connected Sex? (Episode #27)


 👫👬👭Connection and communication are two vital parts of any relationship. All too often people keep their emotions too themselves and sometimes avoid raising difficult conversations with their partners.
👫👬👭This can really strain relationships. Talking about issues, things you’re unhappy with or how your relationship could be better can be hard but often really strengthens relationships.
👫👬👭This podcast discusses the importance of being open and honest when discussing sex with your partner.
👫👬👭Communication is so, so important, especially between you and your partner.
🎧 I thought this podcast with Russel Brand and Isabel Losada was great for raising the issue and encouraging discussing what can often be a ‘taboo’ or difficult subject to raise.
Take a listen and talk to each other ❤️.