Page 19: PonderMed: Simon Flemming, Orthopod and Anti-Bullying Campaigner


This week my podcast of the week is a conversation between PonderMed and Simon Flemming. Simon is a advocate of tackling bullying and undermining at work, being behind the #Hammeritout campaign.
What resonated with me was how Simon said that simple pleasantries such as a please and thank you can go a long way. I couldn’t agree more and think this sentiment could be applied in any workplace setting, not just the NHS.
He also stated that when he becomes stressed at work he is not perfect, and can be less than polite. What’s important is apologising for this after the moment, this can change team dynamics for the better greatly. Again, this is something I think we can all learn from.
Take a listen and see if you can start your own personal cultural change in the work place for the better.