Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More with Dr Lipman ‘How To Be Well’.


I really enjoyed Dr Chatterjee’s conversation with Dr Frank Lipman. Dr Lipman amalgamates Eastern and Western medical principles with nutrition in a fascinating way.

Dr Lipman has 6 pillars of health, on similar themes to Dr Chatterjee’s 4: Eat, Sleep, Move, Protect, Unwind and Connect.

They cover so much during this podcast, here are some of my favourite parts.

They talk about how purpose and passion can be medicine – this resonates with the Blue Zones post where I discussed ‘why you get up in the morning’, but I love the idea of your passion being your medicine.

Dr Lipman introduced to me the concept of Yin and Yang when considering movement. I can hold my hand up and say I often do too many HIT and strength sessions in a week, especially in the past, and didn’t have enough Yin in my life! I’ve really enjoyed getting into Yoga more these days and my subtlety and flexibility have definitely improved, along with balance. Just as importantly my body feels great doing it! Putting this feeling into the concept of Yin and Yang just hit the nail on the head for me, light-bulb moment! I love the concept of ‘movement’ rather than ‘exercise’ and think it’s something we could probably all work towards more.

They discussed the importance of interacting with nature. Even though I haven’t posted loads yet, if you’ve seen my pictures and read my posts you’ll know I’m passionate about this. I feel engaging with nature is crucial for wellbeing. They mention Japanese forest bathing, the custom of spending time in a forest for improved health and happiness, which I’ve heard about but this reminded me about it and inspired me to delve deeper into the concept.

Another part of their talk which resonated with me is the importance of feeling part of a community – finding somewhere where you feel welcomed and able to talk freely – and also family support. I’m really lucky in having an amazing, close family. Having moved, not so far, away for medical school I remember missing out on the little things like Sunday lunches that my sister and brother-in-law, who lived more locally to home, could be a part of. Since moving back to the area where I grew up I love being able to see my family more again. Connecting with others really does brighten your life, so get out there, find where you feel you belong, it could be connected by faith or a yoga class or even an online community if your family don’t live close by.

An epic finish which I loved was one of Dr Lipman’s top tips – listen to Bob Marley!

Wow, that was longer than I was expecting to go on for! I hope I haven’t given too much away, trust me they discuss so much more! Definitely check it out on whatever podcast platform you use.

This podcast resonated with me on so many levels, whilst inspiring me to explore new and known concepts more, I hope it does the same for you – check it out!