Happydoc podcast: It’s time to Become a Quitter with Dr Lynn Marie Morski (Episode #101)


I thought this podcast was inspiring because quitting is often seen as a negative path to take.
This episode of the Happydoc podcast has Dr Lynn Marie Morski as their guest.
🙅 It made me consider how having the courage to quit a field completely, or aspects of it which don’t suit you, can lead to more rewarding careers that fulfil as a person. 🙅The art is how to quit successfully.
🙅This resonated with me, as going part time was initially a slightly scary prospect and a lot of work to arrange, however I have to say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my happiness. I have time to explore areas of my career I’m more interested in, admittedly in a self-directed manner at the moment, and have time to be happy as a person outside of work.
I found this podcast a really interesting view on the world of quitting and thoroughly recommend a listen 🎧.