Food For Thought with Rhiannon Lambert and guest Zanna van Dijk


This episode where @rhitrition chats to @zannavandijk was so inspiring and uplifting. 🤔They talk about how having a mind set of adding in foods, rather than taking away elements is a positive step.

🌱Learning to cook plant based food well is key, so get experimenting.

🌍They then move on to discuss sustainable living, providing some tips on how you can make small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Zanna’s passion for the subject/cause really shines through which I find so uplifting and empowering. What I really warm to is how non-judgmental all the advice she gives is, I feel this is a far more welcoming approach than berrating people for not being perfect, which no one is.

💗The Q&A section is really interesting and brings up some ‘societal norms’ and pressures which surround us, and these lovely girls remind us that we don’t have to conform, we can do what’s right for us. 👙They also mention Zanna’s new sustainable swimwear brand @staywildswim . It’s ethically sourced and they even sell bags you can wash your swimwear in to stop microplastics getting into the water system 👍. I love zanna’s passion for all things sustainable – hope you get well soon too ❤️.