Found My Fitness with Rhonda Patrick and guest Satchin Panda on the practical implementation of time restricted eating.


This is the most in-depth discussion about time restricted eating I have come across. ⏳I thought this podcast by @foundmyfitness with @satchin.panda would complement my blog post this week on the same topic.
⏳This is the longest podcast I’ve had as my podcast of the week, clocking in at just over 2 hours! If this is a topic you are interested in, I recommend you take the time to listen.
⏳It delves deep into the science whilst covering practical implications; from shift work, what actually constitutes breaking your fast (the black coffee debate is covered) to how your circadian rhythm influences insulin sensitivity.
Very educational and practical 👍.
⚠️Warning/disclaimer: they discuss animal studies quite a bit. If this is an issue which you find disturbing or have strong views against this might not be the best podcast episode for you to listen to.