The Irish Balance: Exercise – Building Strength for a Healthy Life


This podcast is short but sweet and I think really hits the nail on the head.
I am surprised how unknown the strength element is of our physical activity guidelines compared to the cardiovascular component. So we need to get the word out there and The Irish Balance is doing just that 👍.
She emphasises the importance of strength training in the older population. We lose muscle mass after we reach 30, at a rate of 3-8% every 10 years. Having just finished 6 months of elderly care I can’t reiterate this enough. Strength training can reduce your risk of sarcopenia and associated frailty syndromes. It minimises your risk of falls (and associated often life changing and limiting injuries) and maintains your independence for longer.
But it really is beneficial for everyone – I’ve done a blog post on the mental health benefits of strength training which are vast.
As ever, find the form of exercise that you enjoy and can keep up 👍.
In terms of strength training this can be anything from racquet sports and dance to resistance training either with weights or your own body weight – no gym required!
Check out this podcast (available on Podbean) which reviews the topic really clearly, she also has an associated blog on her website for anyone wanting to read into the topic more 👍.