Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More – Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression with Johann Hari (Part 1) (Episode #51)


‘So good, so good, so good, so go-od’ 🎵🎶 …. OK I’ll stop quoting Zara Larsson, you get the idea.
In this first part of a 2 part conversation (the second of which I believe is due out today) Dr Chatterjee talks to Johann Hari about some of the root causes behind rising levels depression & anxiety that we see in society today.
They discuss how in many cases depression is not purely a biological process that can be managed with pharmacological medications, but a reflection of our natural psychological needs not being met.
Work from the Blue Zones shows just how fundamental community & relationships are to our health. Given that societies are becoming ever more lonely, the rise of poor mental health in this light is not surprising. Social prescribing is offered as a potential resource against this growing trend.
The conversation moves onto discussing how childhood trauma & resulting shame is so destructive to our overall health and wellbeing.
A part of the conversation I found fascinating and resonated with me was their discussion of workplace autonomy & how, when available, it can boost our wellbeing and reduce the likelihood of depression and anxiety.
This is a really insightful & interesting discussion, I thoroughly recommend it and can’t wait for part 2!