Dr Rupy Aujla’s The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast with Dr Anita Bean ‘Eat Colourful’



My next podcast recommendation takes us back to one of the first episodes of the first series of The Doctor’s Kitchen podcast.

Dr Rupy Aujla talks to Dr Anita Mitra (gynaegeek on social media) about the power of eating colourful!

The first thing to say about this podcast is it’s full of laughs and I can tell a lot of smiles too – which you know I love!

They delve into the difference between micronutrients and phytochemicals, the latter are solely found in plant foods.

I learnt about:

  • Phytochemicals are part of the plant’s immune system – concentrated in the skins, so eat the skins on your veggies!
  • Plant hormesis = where our cells are challenged by noxious chemicals found in plants and enable a cell to respond adaptively. Plant chemicals elicit an initial stress reaction that overall leads to reduced inflammation and associated health benefits.

Key point – Rupy and Anita highlighted so well the difference between the effects of active ingredients vs whole foods e.g. the magic turmeric vs curcumin – outcome: eat whole foods!

Eat the rainbow – I think why I like this concept so much is that it’s such a simple yet powerful message. It’s constructive but so easy and fun to follow, no set numbers or targets, which can be too prescriptive or scary for some. Colourful over calorie counting. One thing I loved, because I think it’s such an important concept, is they discussed how to get your colourful food cheaply, making healthy eating accessible.

There was also a great throw-back to the 90s moment – Spice up your life! Rupy emphasised how spices bring a wealth of flavour into meals and a whole lot of goodness too.

Key Points – eat colourful, whole foods & check out the podcast in full!