The Food Medic Podcast: Season 2, Episode 9 – Sustainable Food


This week’s podcast of the week is fresh off the press! It’s from The Food Medic with The Sustainable Dietitian and starts by discussing the principle of sustainable diets.
They go on to talk about the newly published planetary health diet, both the pros and cons.
A fun ‘pop-quiz’ was used to emphasise the the practicalities of a sustainable diet, such as financial implications & how many of the population are starting at a place where they aren’t meeting current ‘eat-well plate’ guidance.
Making sustainable foods more accessible and affordable are therefore crucial public health campaigns to achieve population level sustainable, healthy diets.
Also important is to increase sustainable food consumption in a step-wise manner. 🌍
Really interestingly they discuss the environmental impact and nutritional quality of plant milks – something I have mentioned in a blog post on eating sustainably healthily –  🌍
Overall it’s a really informative and balanced podcast – take a listen!