Dr Rupy Aujla’s The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: Eat for Your Heart – with Dr Ayan Panja


My podcast this week is a discussion between The Doctor’s Kitchen and Dr Ayan Panja on heart health.

❤️They talk a about how a root cause/upstream approach to medicine might seem alternative, yet it is embedded already into NICE guidelines, but is often overlooked. In my experience patients like taking a lifestyle approach before pharmaceuticals too. ❤️My favourite sound bite I’ll be taking from this episode is GPs ‘save lives in slow motion’.

❤️They give a great overview of cholesterol homeostasis put simply.

❤️The effect of shift work on overall health is discussed, and how it’s negative effects are due to disregulation of the circadian rhythm.

❤️When you zoom out and take a border big picture view of health and wellbeing a lot can be addressed by similar lifestyle approaches.

❤️They mention some fascinating studies done even up to 20 years+ ago on how lifestyle changes and meditation can effect health in dramatic ways, even increasing telomere length!

🎧Give it a listen