Ben Coomber Radio – Can obesity be healthy with Emma Storey-Gorden (Episode #357)


Ben Coomber radio is one of my favourite podcasts, with episodes on nutrition, fitness and mindset amongst a lot more.
Recently I’ve been going through episodes I’ve missed or were recorded before I started listening to the show.
This episode is actually co-hosted by Tom Bainbridge & Emma Storey-Gordon.
One thing I really value in Ben Coomber’s approach is taking controversial subjects, or those where there are strong apposing views, and giving a factual, non-biased discussion about them.
Whilst I’m all for body-positivity I feel it is important to note that someone can feel confident in their body whilst trying to change to improve their health. This is something that is discussed in this podcast.
They discuss whether it really is possible to be metabolically healthy whilst being obese.
It is an interesting lesson and I learned a thing or two. Take a listen