Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More – Becoming Stress Proof with Dr Mithu Storoni (Episode #65)


Stress is becoming endemic and we all feel it one way or another at different times of our lives.
In this episode of Feel Better, Live More Dr Chatterjee talks to neuroscientist Dr Mithu Storoni about how stress has become a quantifiable entity.
Using her own personal experience as an incentive to dive deep into the research behind stress, Dr. Storoni has become an expert in the area and written the book ‘Stress Proof’. In this episode she explains the physiological effects of stress and how we can measure it.
There are also plenty of practical, take home tips for reducing stress.
They discuss her book, which is sounds great ❤️. In this book there are numerous methods for reducing the stress in your life, so everyone is likely to find ways that suit them.