Talking Tastebuds with The Happy Pear: The Recipe for Happiness


So it’s Wednesday so time for my podcast of the week!
With my recent happiness post and my #shareasmile project, I  thought the perfect podcast to talk about this week was the Happy Pear in the last episode of season 2 of Talking Tastebuds.
They talk about their early morning routine doing animal movements/yoga and swimming in the sea at sunrise before a wholesome breakfast 😍👌
They then delve into how the Happy Pear came to fruition and how the twins got into their way of life. They mention how their underlying drive is creating a happier and healthier world and building a community around it 😍 they’ve even called their last book ‘recipes for happiness’! 👌.
They touch on something I truly belive in, health isn’t just one thing! Food was the impetus for their health journey but now encompasses so much more. Health is embrassing life in its entirety.
They are so inclusive which I think is vital for engaging the wider public. For them it’s not about the label of a way of eating, just that it’s healthy and leads to happiness whether that’s vegan, vegetarian, plant+based or more omnivorous.  It’s about being mindful of your choices, doing our best and enjoying life. They try to make their food accessible which is another key aspect of inclusivity for health and wellbeing.
They advocate eating what you enjoy, not what you feel you have to! Don’t eat kale if you don’t like kale! Let’s be honest, there’s lots of other sources of goodness out there.
Their tips of happiness were:
1.The thing that keeps coming up – connection with like minded people.
2.Practicing gratitude
3. Move you body
4. Eat wholefoods
This is such an amazing podcast, check it out 👍