Deliciously Ella – Sobriety, Insecurity & Transforming Your Life


 🔹I found this @deliciouslyella episode with @unexpectedjoyof discussing the social constructs around alcohol really interesting so have decided to share it as this week’s podcast.
🔹It is something I chat to my boyfriend about occasionally, he’s a teetotaller and I only have the very occasional drink, and ‘just the one’ usually when I do.
🔹The social pressure to drink even when with friends and family can be very real. You can be seen as ‘boring’, and told so!
🔹Personally I feel I don’t need a drink to have fun, when I drink an alcoholic drink (often a G&T or Baileys in winter) it’s because I’m in the mood for one and like the taste. 🔹Often I feel you get more pressure if you do sometimes drink, but only the one, and not always, compared to if friends respect that you don’t drink at all.
🔹Often going to pubs I’ll choose a soft drink. What’s great is there is an ever increasing variety, the era of solely having the option of a lime and soda is over. There are also new alcoholic free distilled spirits in supermarkets.This can help make you feel more ‘included’ during social events.
🔹When I’m in a social gathering I honestly do not mind what a person has in their glass, I think it should be their personal choice.
❓What are your thoughts or experiences with alcohol and the peer pressure to drink?