Food for Thought with Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert – Fertility Takes Two to Tango


My podcast this week is a fabulous episode of Food for Thought by @rhitrition with guest @drzoewilliams. They discuss the topic of fertility in a clear, no-jargon, open manner.
They talk about how 1 in 7 couples have trouble conceiving, and how this is not just down to female factors but how there are a plethora of male factors too. They touch on lifestyle factors which can enhance fertility, such as nutrition .
They discuss how fertility declines with age, especially after about 35 years of age in women. For many reasons a lady might not have had a baby by this time. They talk openly and frankly about the options available if this is the case, such as freezing your eggs.
I think this is a topic which often isn’t discussed openly but effects the lives of so many. I strongly recommend you checking this episode out.