Fitness Unfiltered – Episode 37: Sophie Medlin on Obesity, Weight Stigma & Cancer


I chose this podcast episode this week as it is the most balanced discussion I’ve heard regarding the recent, controversial, Cancer Research UK obesity campaign.
I thought it provided a really impartial approach, considering each side of the debate in an unbiased manner.
I also thought it was great how @drmikethe2nd mentioned why GPs ask you about or to measure weight – it’s often to do with how we’re paid, having to have this information for each patient in our system to receive payment from the NHS. Also these days if we refer you anywhere the referral letter usually requires BMI to be stated on it. I thought this was really good to say as I don’t think many people know this and just feel we’re asking to make them feel bad about their weight.
I really recommend a listen to this if you have strong views either side of the debate, or just want to know more about the campaign and the discussions which have been going on surrounding it.