The Food Medic Podcast by Dr Hazel Wallace – ‘Is Butter A Carb’? (S3 E6)


This week’s podcast is a discussion with Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic) and dieticians Rosie Saunt (@rosie_saunt) and Helen West (@helenlouwest) of the Rooted project (@rooted_project).

🍩I have just started reading ‘Is Butter A Carb?’. Sadly my reading pace is slower than when I was on holiday but I have been hooked from the start 👌.

🍎The @rooted_project is all about providing accessible, credible, non-biased or judgmental nutritional information. I’ll likely do a book review on’ Is Butter A Carb?’ When I’ve finished it, so for now I’ll stick with just this podcast.

🍒Hazel, Rosie and Helen have a great discussion where they  so clearly demonstrated the fine balance between posting your journey on social media and advocating potentially dangerous nutritional advice. It’s finding a balance and being careful about the claims your are making which is so key. As Hazel so eloquently puts, there’s a difference between someone saying I ate a food and it helped with bloating and advocating a diet to treat cancer (if you are interested in this point feel free to go back and read my post when the Cut Through Nutrition podcast episode on the food is medicine rhetoric was my podcast of the week).

🥑They discuss how to spot nutritional nonsense, diet fads and who not to take your nutritional advice from online.

🥥They also chat about how nutritional science differs from biomedical research, and how challenging nutrition research is. The media will grab a headline, but it’s often not as black and white as they portray.

🍇I loved their discussion about how complex and multifaceted health is.

🦠They also talk about plant-based diets, low carb and gut bugs 🦠🦠.

A really interesting podcast that covers some complex issues in a really accessible manner 👍.