The Head First Podcast – Dieting & Mental Health with Isa Robinson



Today’s podcast of the week is a great discussion on the @headfirst0 podcast with guest @isarobinson_.
They start by discussing how subtle diet culture can be in society, such as manekins in shop windows and the size of actors on billboards.
They move on to a critique of evidence behind the @ww new app for children and raise the extremely pertinent point that at this age children don’t always choose what they are fed or shape their feeding behaviours. They discuss the potential health implications of this app further.
Another really important concept, I feel, of ‘I’ll be happy when… ‘ is raised, which I feel is a mindset that often leads to only ever short-lived happiness.
They also talk about how ineffective dieting often is and weight cycling. If you want an amazing illustrative representation of this check out @thefoodmedic ‘s recent snakes and ladders of dieting post 👌. The final part of this podcast which I really enjoyed is such a clear discussion on the intuitive eating approach, including the misconceptions around this.