The Food Medic Podcast by Dr Hazel Wallace – ‘How to get pregnant with Dr Larisa Corda’ (S3E9)


Last week I finished a course run by Monash University in Melbourne on lifestyle and nutrition with respect to fertility and pregnancy. It was really enlightening about the power and limitations of lifestyle, especially nutrition, on fertility.
🤰Fertility is such an emotive subject. I feel raising awareness of the struggles that some couples go through is important, especially how 1 in 6 couples will have trouble conceiving.
🤰Many people have a friend or a friend of a friend who got pregnant after a week of trying, or conceived naturally over the age of 40. These are end of the spectrum cases.
🤰I listened to a podcast with @drzoewilliams and she gave a bit of advice I have now incorporated into my practice; when ladies come to talk to me about contraception I also offer to discuss fertility with them. It’s often a while off from when they are thinking of having a family, if at all. Yet, if they are considering having children at somepoint there are things both the male and female can do which increase their chance of conceiving if they decide they do want to try to a baby. I feel many women are shocked at how high the rates of fertility troubles are and this information helps them consider their options. 🤰I think raising awareness is also so important as throw away comments can really cause pain to couples who are having troubles getting pregnant, @drlucyloveday wrote a beautiful post about this recently.
🤰This discussion with @thefoodmedic and @drlarisacorda talk through fertility in such an open and approachable manner, I really recommend it for men and women, even if you’re not looking to get pregnant any time soon.