RCGP Active Practice Charter – episodes 35 + 36


This week’s podcast is from the @royalcollegeofgps podcast. I’m actually going to discuss a pair of episodes which introduce the same initiative, the Active Practice Charter. Both episodes are hosted by RCGP Clinical Champions for Physical Activity and Lifestyle, Dr Andrew Boyd and @drzoewilliams.
I chose these podcasts as I really enjoyed listening to them and also because I was talking about the charter with colleagues last week and they weren’t aware of it and I’d love to spread the message about this positive movement.
This initiative aims to encourage practice-wide engagement with the principles of increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour, for both practice staff and patients. The charter also lays out key principles of what if means for a practice to be active, and how a practice can become an RCGP Active Practice.
The second of this pair of episodes is a discussion with @judemarshall1609 as a representative case study about how her practice in Glasgow has instigated change, the benefits they’ve seen because of this (both to their patients and practice staff) and how easy it can be.
I’ve popped the link to the RCGP website page on the Active Practice Charter in my bio↗️, so do check it out. It includes how to sign your practice up to become a RCGP Active Practice too, do it.