The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: The language of Kindness with Christie Watson


This podcast discusses something that I feel is just so important, the wellbeing of health care professionals.
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@christiewatsonwriter talked about so much more, but here are the points that I’d like to focus on as really resonated with me.
🔹They talk about compassion fatigue, burn out and depression and question whether these are in fact one in the same. They also highlight the importance that stress is relative to each individual.
🔹They talk about the small things that really make a difference to feeling valued and improving the mental wellbeing of health care teams.
🔹On the other hand staff shortages and stress is leading to us neglecting our own health, for example a campaign was needed to remind health staff to drink water, and stories of nurses timing fluid intake according to when they feel they’ll be able to have a toilet break, let alone thinking about having time to eat – and this is over 12-13 hour shifts. It always saddens me to hear these stories and reflects the starting point we are dealing with to address staff health & wellbeing.
🔹They mention how the loss of the firm structure, mentors and constantly moving around the country of some health care professionals is also detrimental to health. 🔹Interestingly they provide anecdotes of comparing some of the solutions that other health care systems utilise to prioritise the health & wellbeing of the staff – like Australian hospitals providing transport home for those who don’t feel safe to drive after a night shift, something I have done many a time and not been comfortable with yet had no feasible alternative. Another inspiring story was of a hospital providing trained psychologists to offer debriefs to staff involved in significant trauma.
🔹They talk about this and so much more, yet they end on a point I feel sums it up:
A sign in a staff room notice board: sign up for yoga on Tuesday afternoons. Someone wrote in reply ‘I didn’t pee for 12 hours yesterday, namaste’! To me, investing in staff is a fundamental priority, no one can care for others if they don’t look after themselves.