The Mother of All Movement Podcast: Pelvic Health Physio “why you should invest in your pelvic health” with Clare Bourne


This week’s podcast is a great conversation between @motherofallmovement and @clarebournephysio.
They really did cover so much. Key take home points for me were:
🔹Prevention really is better than cure. Finding a women’s health physio and working with them through pregnancy and reduce the risk of pelvic floor damage and associated symptoms such as incontence. Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, preventative physio without symptoms is not currently available on the NHS. If you have symptoms please do visit your doctor and ask for a referral. If not and booking to see a private women’s health physio is available to you I really recommend it. If not or you just want to read a bit more about it and find some resources for doing pelvic floor exercises at home, check out my blog I did last week for @rhitrition on her website on the importance of pelvic floor during pregnancy (link in bio ↗️).
🔹This ‘lag phase’ between raised awareness of the issue and options out there for women to get support, but limited services within the NHS is discussed in the podcast.
🔹I also think knowledge of women’s health physio services and information resources is important for GPs, who are often the first port of call for women who do go looking for support and speak up (something else I cover in my blog and @clarebourne has done a post on). It is important for GPs to be aware of conservative management as well as surgical interventions when appropriate.
🔹They also briefly mentioned the mental health effects of pelvic floor problems, which I think is just so important, from relationships concerns, negative body image and low mood.
🔹One thing that was discussed that I thought was really powerful was that it’s not all to do with pregnancy, but how we use our bodies before we ever get pregnant. Educating girls to looks after their pelvic floor from a young age can have such positive effects later in life.