Junior Doctor Stress Awareness – a couple of podcasts


It’s national stress awareness day which I thought was a great excuse to have this pair of podcasts as my podcast of the week.
1️⃣ First up is a conversation about stress at work with @amateuradam and Gail Kinman guests with presenter Claudia Hammond on on BBC radio 4’s All in the mind.
🔹The podcasts starts with something I feel is fundamentally important, debriefing for health care staff following traumatic events at work.
They also discuss the detrimental effect on emotional and mental health of junior doctors moving roles and teams every 3-6 months, preventing the development of strong, supportive relationships between colleagues.
Also covered in this podcasts is:
🔹What stress is. 🔹How burnout happens and how to spot the warning signs. 🔹What individuals can do to protect themselves. 🔹What the responsibilities of employers are.
2️⃣The second podcast is from the @bmj_company with guest Clare Gerada about the national role out of The NHS Practitioner Health Programme, expending previously being available only in London. They discuss what this service entails, how it can support doctors and the confidential nature of it. How to contact the service if you are struggling is also made available.