You Me & the Big C: About Male Specific Cancers


🔹If you follow me you might know that I truly wish to see girls and women being more educated and informed about their health, from what to call their body parts ‘down there’ e.g. what’s difference between your vuvla and vagina & what’s “normal”, to not fearing your smear test and self-checking our boobs. #youmeandthebigc did a great episode a couple of weeks ago which had @gynaegeek as one of their guests who was, as ever, great at discussing such issues 🙏.

🔹But I think male health is so important too, and not something I’ve talked about as much. This episode of #youmeandthebigc l has guest @johnnwilliamss and they converse about the importance of knowing your body, self-checking your testes and speaking to a medical professional if you’re worried. So importantly, there is also a discussion about the psychological toll a diagnosis and treatment can take.

🔹Specialist prostate nurse Meg Burgess from @prostatecanceruk  then talks about prostate cancer, including the pros & limitations of the PSA.

🔹Again, if you follow me you’ll know I’m a big fan of @coppafeelpeople. They have partnered with a male cancer charity @orchidcancer & have posters available to download on their website educating about both male and female cancers and the importance of self-checking and knowing your body. There’s also a great leaflet available I give out to some male patients which helps discussions around testicular cancer and how to self examine.