Food Matters Live Table Talk: Behaviour Change: A case of mind over matter? (Episode #1)


This week I’ve listened to so many great podcasts it was hard to choose!
Having gone to a Food Matters Training workshop in September on Talking Nutrition in Chronic Disease, I was surprised I’ve only just realised food matters have a podcast! Needless to say I think a few of their episodes might feature in upcoming podcasts of the week.
I’ve been listening back across the episodes and think this, their first episode, is one of the best discussions about the behavioural and social influences placed upon us regarding food choices. Many of us have education about what makes a health diet, yet struggle to make sustained lifestyle changes to improve our health.
Questions answered in this podcast are:
🔹What’s the scale of the obesity problem?
🔹 What external factors impact our behaviour?
🔹What ways are producers, retailers and nutritionists helping?
They have some amazing guests alongside host Jo Kirkland: 🔸Ed Gardiner, Behaviour Design Lead at Warwick Business School
🔸Jenny Rosborough @hellohealthyyou_ , a Registered Nutritionist & Head of nutrition @jamieoliver.
🔸Michael Beber, Director at Health Action Campaign
🔸Karis Betts, Health Information Manager, Cancer Research UK 🔸Moira Howie, Nutrition & Health Manager at @waitroseandpartners.
This panel really do provide a broad view at the challenges and opportunities for healthy eating and changing our current food environment.