Food Matters Live Table Talk: How can the food industry help make sustainable diets mainstream? (Episode #16)


In the UK, food contributes to 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Just as a country, we waste 10 million tonnes of food every year! (REF: Our Planet, Our Health; House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, Sept 2019). Here the #foodmatterslivetabletalk podcast discuss how the food industry can encourage sustainable diets and make them the norm with guest Professor Charlie’s Godfray – Director of the Oxford Martin School & Lead Researcher of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food.
They discuss:
🔹What actually is a sustainable diet? – Importantly they address how this will be different depending on the context in which a person lives, giving the example that a sustainable diet will be different for those in the UK compared to a nomad in Northern Kenya.
🔹Economic, political and social factors which have hindered support of sustainable eating behaviours.
🔹What changes need to happen to make sustainable eating the norm.
I found it a really interesting listen 🤓