The Lifestyle News Hound (TLNH) with Shona Vertue.


This week’s podcast of the week is TLNH (The Lifestyle News Hound) @thelifestylenewshound with Shona vertue @shona_vertue.
They chat about the benefits of disconnecting, including from social media.
Strength and flexibility is a key topic.
Adding the stability alongside flexibility reduces the risk of injury.
Combining yoga with strength training, for men and women. Yoga is not just for women and strength training is not just for men!
I have to say I’ve recently been encorporating more strength and yoga into my routine and doing a little less HIT than before, and I love it! I feel so strong and powerful but also feminine and flexible. It has honestly made me feel so great – both mentally and physically. Doing 5+ long HIT workouts a week not only risks damaging your joints due to the high impact, but keeps boosting your cortisol, which isn’t what your body needs if living a busy life. Whilst I still love feeling that cardio burn I strongly recommend this way of training. We are all individual though, so have a go at different things and find what makes you feel good 👍. The Verute menthod is base upon gaining self awareness of what YOUR body needs and knowing what’s right for you.
They talk about Shona’s book, which I’ve just got and am so excited to read 😊. I serendipitously put this podcast on whilst on a plane. I haven’t been on a plane for ages and suddenly whilst listening to the podcast they did a short yoga session to do on a plane! 😍 You don’t have to be on a plane to do the sequence but it felt great and just what I needed 😊. It’s a great podcast so go and check it out. I also highly recommend Shona’s YouTube channel if you’re looking for ways to explore this way of training / yoga.
This leads on nicely to my Sunday sessions this week. I’ll be writing about my journey into yoga and how you can go about getting into it yourself.