Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More with Amelia Freer on What we Need to Eat

My podcast of the week is Dr Chatterjee and Ameila Freer on What We Need to Eat

📵 They talk about the importance of living in the moment and engaging with those around you, not just your phone. Yes, you could post more stories and share more of yourself, but do you want to? It is so important to be present in the moment and actually communicating with your whole attention to the person right there in front of you. This is a principle I fully support.

🔺Positive nutrition pyramid is a concept Amelia came up with and is about focussing on what is good for us, not what to exclude. I think this is great, focussing on the positives of what nutrition can provide rather than exclusion fads provide a more healthy relationship with food.

🌳They talk about how significantly connecting with nature can improve your mental health. Anyone who’s seen my posts will know this is something I’m really passionate about. Discussed in the podcast was how nature is the antidote to modern technology and how we have an innate need for nature. As a society we have a nature deficiency. They mention some studies showing how connecting with nature reduces cortisol levels. If this is something that interests you too check out my green exercise and national parks for mental health blogs – follow the link in my bio and be on the look out for a book review coming out on ‘The Nature Fix’.

🍎I have loved getting into the garden since I bought my first home 😊. I have a mature apple tree which I’m just getting my first crop from and I’ve planted a herb garden. I get such joy from going out into the garden whilst cooking and cutting some fresh herbs to add flavour to my dish, such a simple but rewarding pleasure in life. I would love to end up like my Dad – growing lots of veg at home, making chutneys and attempting homemade wine!

They discuss how growing your own food brings a connection with where food comes from, especially understanding what grows seasonally, and can help you make better food choices as a consequence.
Check out the podcast!