Green Space & Health

The evidence A paper published this week in The Lancet Planetary Health combined much of the evidence of green space and health (in a systematic review) and found that increasing amounts of residential green space was significantly associated with a reduction in all-cause mortality. Importantly their study identified the presence of a dose-response relationship with… Continue reading Green Space & Health

The EAT-Lancet Commission report through a blue lens

Earlier this year the EAT-Lancet commission published their findings of a sustainable diet that could support the nutritional needs of our growing population whilst preserving our planet, this was called ‘The Planetary Health Diet’. I wrote a blog on it, you can find it here: A follow-up from some of the authors of this commission… Continue reading The EAT-Lancet Commission report through a blue lens

Planetary Health Diet

You might have seen in the news or published in the Lancet this week, a report from the EAT-Lancet Commission, revealing the ‘planetary health diet’. This was no mean feat to produce. It involved 37 scientists of numerous specialities from 16 countries in a coordinated effort to develop proposals which meet planetary and human needs.… Continue reading Planetary Health Diet